Ohm Urban Xu700

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the urban xu700 weighs 48 pounds


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The upsurge in pedestrian and bike use in urban environments has proven to be a boon for local commercial interests. In cities which have dedicated bike and pedestrian thoroughfares, retailers and restaurants have enjoyed dramatic growth in their businesses, primarily because people traveling on foot tend to take more rest stops than motorists. Consumers at rest like to shop. It's science. E-bikes allow riders to travel further with less exertion, which of course conserves energy for things like shopping and eating. They also make returning from a decent ride with cargo more appealing than pumping it back home under caloric conflagration.

There are some hearty contenders zooming about that will haul rider and cargo to and from earning or spending with aplomb. The docile Electra Townie Go! has a 350-watt motor and will travel 20 mph with pedal-assist. It has a rack on the back for light livery. The 75-lb. Rad Power Bikes Radwagon has a 28-inch rear rack and will heft 350 lbs. for upwards of 20 miles. The workhorse Pedego Stretch has front and rear racks and will carry a whopping 400 lbs.

The Ohm Urban Xu700 is an urban commuter that operates with throttle-on-demand. At 55 lbs., it’s a fairly light e-bike with a mid-step, aluminum alloy frame. It comes in black with an 18.5-inch or 20-inch frame. It's driven by a BionX high-torque, 350-watt, rear-mounted, gearless direct-drive hub motor and powered by a 48-volt lithium manganese battery. This combo will deliver between 25 and 45 miles on a 3-hour charge and move at 20 mph. For shifting, there's a Shimano Deore Rapid Fire Plus, which operates with triggers on the left and right bar. Braking is accomplished via Tektro Ecomp hydraulic discs with 180 mm rotors, and the tires are Schwalbe Marathon Plus with Schrader Valve tubes. The Xu700 has dynamo-powered Busch & Müller IQ Fly T and Toplight Flat S LEDs, and polycarbonate plastic fenders with mud flaps. It features a Topeak Explorer rear rack and a plastic bash guard. A Pletscher Zoom kickstand keeps it on the up-and-up, and a bell on the left bar announces its presence.

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Front and rear fenders plus rack add great utility for commuting, they are sturdy and match.

Tom's Guide

Have to pedal for a bit before the throttle will engage, this is a safety measure on BionX systems.

Tom's Guide

Ate up the hill with little effort...On the flat portions of the ride, however, I was able to bring the bike to 32 kph pretty easily.

Tom's Guide