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Smart 3D Specifications

Dim xl
the smart 3d weighs 290 pounds


maximum carrying weight


remote control included
has bluetooth
has usb

Editorial Review

A 3D massage chair would seem as oxymoronic as a 3D tree, given that neither comes in a two-dimensional model. In this case, though, the term seems more analogous to the 3D touch on newer iPhones. Except that the iPhone screen only has two levels of pressure and the Ogawa Smart 3D has six depths with which it will shove its rollers and airbags into your muscles. The massage begins with a pair of rollers mapping out the contours of your neck, torso and legs. Once you've been scanned, you can select one of 17 different massage programs, including Kneading, Swedish, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping, Rolling and combinations thereof. Sensors in the extensible footrest detect where your body terminates, so that you'll be massaged from head to heel. The Ogaway features the now almost ubiquitous zero-gravity position, modeled after the reclining position used for astronaut training and recovery, which raises your knees to the level of your heart. This doesn't so much zero out your gravity as it spreads it more evenly over your entire body, lowering your blood pressure and giving the rollers some gravitational pressure to resist their upward thrust.

The Ogawa follows the current trend of supplying entertainment along with relaxation. You can listen to music while your body hums along, using Bluetooth headphones if you don't want to disturb the rest of the household, and will recharge your smart device from the built-in USB port, so you can play Candy Crush while your muscles get smushed. Or you can swing out the convenient tablet-holding arm, which you can use to mount the Android tablet that comes with the chair, then just watch Netflix and chill. (The promotional literature doesn't indicate whether this can be switched out for an iPad, assuming you want to.) The chair controls are on the arm and there's a diagnostic app that examines functional problems with the unit's modular parts, in case your Swedish massage mysteriously changes to Japanese.

The Ogawa is fairly high end, both in price and features, so if you want a less-expensive option you can look at less-ambitious alternatives in the automated massage chair market, like the Human Touch ThermoStretch HT-7120 or the Kahuna LM-7800.

Ogawa Smart 3D | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The things this chair will do are amazing. There are lots of pre-programmed massages such as upper back, lower back, invigorating, relaxing, athletic, etc.

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