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Refresh Specifications

Dim xl
the refresh weighs 171 pounds


maximum carrying weight


remote control included
has usb
Upc n
712321  526465

Editorial Review

Automated massage chair prices need to be taken in context. If you're accustomed to shopping for used armchairs, the cost of a new Ogawa Refresh might seem a little steep, but there are massage chairs on the market that cost up to six times as much. There are also cheaper ones, but not with the range of features that the Refresh has, so what may look to you like a budget buster is actually, in the rarefied world of massage chairs, a bargain. Like most massage chairs other than the ones at the bottom of the price range, it uses both airbags and rollers to smush, crush and give a thrilling rush to your muscles after a hard day of doing whatever it is you do, even if it's just sitting in an office chair churning out spreadsheets on a PC. It will heat your lumbar and vibrate your buttocks, all for the cost of about 20 or 30 visits to a masseuse.

The Refresh gives you a deep tissue massage that's typically only found in more expensive e-chairs. While it won't do an infrared body scan to gauge the depth of those tissues, the way premium massage chairs can, the airbags have five different intensity levels, so that you can find one that doesn't hurt too much. You can manually set the chair for six different types of massage: kneading, Swedish, tapping, shiatsu, clapping and rolling. The width of the rollers is adjustable, so whether your upper body is skinny or massive, the quad-style rollers should rub you in all the right places. You can even reverse the direction of the rollers, in case they're (excuse the expression) rubbing you the wrong way. The speed of the rollers is also adjustable, in case you're in a hurry to feel better. It can accommodate users with heights from four foot ten to six foot three, so unless you're tall enough to clean out your rain gutters by hand, this chair should have a length that fits you.

If you want to see how inexpensive a massage chair can be, look at the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0. At the other end of the scale, check out the Inada Dreamwave. And gasp.

Ogawa Refresh | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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We love this chair! Between the 2 of us we have problems from feet up to the neck, the chair hits on all the sore spots & can be customized to each individuals preference.

Tom's Guide

Overall I highly recommend this chair and this business. If you've never had a massage chair and don't want to spend a ton on your first one, this is the chair to buy.

Tom's Guide

I really needed a massage chair and couldn't find one that matched my price point - this one fit the bit and it's a solid product. Really happy with it...

Tom's Guide