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Active L Specifications

Dim xl
the active l weighs 285 pounds


remote control included
has usb
Upc n
616913  793122

Editorial Review

As much as we might like it, we cannot always have someone there to rub our aching muscles and soothe the myriad stresses in our lives. Well, unless we’re Hugh Hefner or somebody important like that. An on-call masseuse or masseur could end up being prohibitively expensive over time. And for instantaneous relief, they would have to live with you, which could really run up the economic outlay and clean out the fridge as well. Invariably the time would come when the bio-massager was simply not up to the task.

With the massage chair, the massive expense of the masseuse/masseur can be consolidated into one big lump payment or meted out monthly with interest through the wonders of credit. As long as the power remains flowing, the massage chair will serve your every knead while leaving your fridge untouched. Sharp lookers like the Apex AP-Pro Lotus and Infinity Iyashi bring a very sci-fi look to the recliner, and they are not alone. Ogawa, one of Asia’s big manufacturers of massage technology, has moved west to bring the Active Super-Trac massage chair to the sore muscles of the USA.

It is difficult to not appreciate the irony of a product requiring relaxing stasis named Active. Perhaps this is not reflective of the user’s behaviors but of the chair’s, as it is a busy recliner. Ogawa’s Supertrac Roller system can massage from the neck to the tailbone in an upright posture, while in Zero-G Recline it can travel further still, massaging glutes and thighs. Zero Gravity Recline elevates the knees above the heart, reducing compression on the spine while lowering the blood pressure. 56 multi-layered air bags are distributed throughout the chair to provide a relaxing compression massage. The Ogawa Active has 9 pre-programmed massage settings incorporating the rollers, air-bags and vibration to maximize the massage chair experience.

Ogawa Active L | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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As for the glute massage, it is amazing! I could not sleep through the night due to neck and back pain, but in this chair I have been getting a complete night of sleep.

Tom's Guide

Laying down position is comfortable for him and we often find him sleeping in there. Great chair, thank you. It’s the best thing to see my dad moving around with less pain.

Tom's Guide

The Panasonic is quite good, The Ogawa Active is a better chair. They both have very high build quality and craftsmanship, but the massage experience is just excellent.

Tom's Guide

My feet were kind of numb feeling... I think I had a problem that has now been resolved by the circulation that the air gives your legs.

Tom's Guide

I almost fell asleep in it before my appointment and realized I needed one. Life is much better well rested and I am thankful for this chair.

Tom's Guide