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Depending on where you live, you may or may not have been seeing people walking or running while wearing odd-looking pairs of sunglasses. (If you live in the Silicon Valley area, the odds are very high that you have.) The Oakley Radar Pace is a close cousin of the Vuzix M100, the Recon Jet and, of course, the well-known yet oddly elusive Google Glass. What all of these expensive pieces of eyewear have in common is that they have built-in computer functions, sometimes aided by a connection with the smartphone you carry in your pocket. Where the Radar Pace differs from its brethren is in the lack of a head-up display projected on the lenses. You don't get information from it visually. It talks to you through a detachable USB earbud. And you can talk to it.

Oakley has also done a much better job than the makers of those other smartglasses at making the Radar Pace look like a real pair of sunglasses, so you won't get weird looks from passersby who suspect you're taking photographs of them (these glasses don't even have a camera) or reading your email while you're pretending to hold a conversation. And talking to your glasses won't make you look strange at all. Well, maybe a little strange, so you might want to run with a friend and pretend you're just chatting about the weather.

Like a lot of smartglasses, the Radar Pace is aimed primarily at athletes or at least people who are trying to exercise their way to better health. You can work out a fitness plan via the smartphone app and the glasses will tell you whether you're keeping pace with it (which is presumably the reason for the name). The downside is that the glasses are fairly expensive and you have to buy a lot of extra body-monitoring gear to let it know about your heart rate and running speed, so you can run up a serious bill if you want to run with this sharp-looking pair of sunglasses.

Oakley Radar Pace | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The Oakley Radar Pace glasses are very impressive... The cost is high, but in return you get a fitness plan that's tailored just for you, and that's a very valuable thing.

Tom's Guide

Overall, I love the Radar Pace and actually look forward to my workouts just so I can wear them!

Tom's Guide