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O-Duster Specifications

12.4" x 3.3" x 12.4"
the o-duster weighs 1.5 pounds


battery life


Upc n
041785  997512

Editorial Review

Most robotic vacuums come with an unmistakeable robot name. Roomba has its fleet of 980 and 770 and all other combinations of numbers. Miele has its Scout RX1. Infinuvo has its QQ5.

But here comes the O-duster. Its name suggests a style of Old West cowboy coat. As it rumbles across the floor, sweeping up dust, one could almost squint and see a ten-gallon hat. That's because the O-duster has a peculiar skirt. A typical robotic vacuum will be one of two shapes: a hockey puck or the letter D. But the O-duster is more like a cross-section of the planet Jupiter. It has a rounded top with a notched handle for pickup. Around its waist is a disposable electrostatic dusting cloth. This cloth is specific to the O-cedar brand, so any replacements will have to come from the manufacturer.

The result of the cloth is a more specific performance than what Roomba or Miele or Infinuvo offers. As one buyer says, the O-duster is not a thoroughbred of suction and capacity. It's a robotic duster more than a pure vacuum. In that capacity, it's a moderate success. Most users have commented that the O-duster is capable, if limited, in its duties. The skirt stands out as a source of frustration for some. It can catch upon carpets, edges, and corners with greater frequency than other robotic vacuum models.

But the O-duster comes in for considerable praise with its intelligence. Several owners have pointed out the efficiency of its mapping system, which sends the device in consistent patterns across the floor. There have been a few programming duds that see the O-duster spin in place. But for the most part, it's a reliable robot.

The O-duster won't replace a vacuum. But for current robotics owners, it makes a great dusting supplement to a higher-capacity scrubber.

O-cedar O-Duster | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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The O'Cedar duster not only saves time but is also so very easy to use. Our floors are actually clean at least twice a day now!

Tom's Guide

It worked really well for about a week, then I noticed the black mesh circle was turning up, thus having less of the cleaning pad on the floor.

Tom's Guide

It really doesn't do much you could probably get a dust mop and pick up much more it, just spins and spins in the same spot.

Tom's Guide

Remember - this is not a floor scrubber. This is a duster and does not scrub, but picks up hair, dust, etc.

Tom's Guide

Auto-navigation feature effectively covers all your hard floor surfaces, giving you time for the rest of your to-do list.

Tom's Guide