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Pro HWN12-100 Specifications

the pro hwn12-100 weighs 5 pounds


phone controllable
has wifi
Upc n
685450  488365

Editorial Review

Like most makers of smart sprinkler systems, NxEco has lofty goals. You can see it in the last three letters of their name, which could stand either for "ecology" or "ecosystem." They want to save the world, one drop of water at a time. They also have a related goal: to make their systems cheap enough that ordinary people, at least ordinary people who can afford multi-zoned sprinkler systems, can pay for them on a debit card. The Pro can be programmed from either a smartphone app or a somewhat plasticky-looking control panel, that at least isn't overburdened with confusing buttons. In fact, another of their goals is simplicity, which should be a relief to anyone who's ever tried to program a sprinkler system with an old-fashioned analog controller. The app has settings for three different types of vegetation -- rose, highland and shrubs -- and lets you create up to three presets for watering amounts and timing. If it's connected to the Internet it can adjust for the weather and for changes in season.

NxEco brags in its press releases that the city of Newport Beach, CA, has installed 42 of these controllers in the common areas of the gated community Cypress Point, which is no idle boast when you consider the drought that Southern California has been laboring under for several years. The city expects $8,000 in savings annually, which is pretty good for a low-cost controller, even though it's difficult to extrapolate how that will translate into water savings in your own yard, which may or may not be as large as Cypress Point's common areas. Another of NxEco's press releases estimates that Southern Californians can save anywhere from $120 a year if they live in Mission Viejo to $2,700 if they live in Riverside. Why the Mission Viejo savings are so poor isn't clear, but it may have to do with the city's location on the Pacific, compared to Riverside's location inland. The takeaway, however, seems to be that you'll get much larger savings if your local water table is low.

If low cost is your aim, you might also check out the Toro Evo-4OD or the Rachio 8ZULW.

NxEco Pro HWN12-100 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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With NxEco Pro I am able to save about 20% of my bill or about $100. The app is easy to use and I can make minor adjustments to the system from my couch watching TV.

Tom's Guide

We have had pleasant experience with this smart controller. It came to quite handy when we tried to tune the sprinkler heads... Overall, we are quite satisfied with this...

Tom's Guide