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Editorial Review

Whereas humans can regulate their own body temperature, we have a harder time regulating that of the great outdoors, regardless how hard we try. It's true we're doing a fine job of changing the Earth's climate, but only by degrees, and it's been taking forever. Beachwear only stays in fashion for so long. Meanwhile, what of the clime inside one's home or business? We have ACs and various heaters for that. The crux of the issue then becomes consistency and cost. This is where thermostats come in. By providing a steady supply of hot or cold, then shutting off when the preset temperature is reached, thermostats save on energy consumption and expense.

The Momit Smart gives an ideal example of what a thermostat does, and then some. It measures temperature and humidity like a weather station, such as the La Crosse Technology C87030. It can be accessed through a mobile device. There's even a 7-day forecast function. What it doesn't do is heat the floors, unlike the Nuheat Home, a system from Pentair. The Nuheat Floor Heating thermostat is programmable for 7 days. With its color touchscreen, you can view hourly, weekly, and monthly energy usage. It is universally compatible with any electric floor heating system, so this thermostat may not be best for homes whose floors aren't heated in the first place.

Nuheat is good for tile and stone, and it has a temperature-limiting feature for laminate and engineered wood flooring. Preferences can be set for a 12- or 24-hour clock, Celsius or Fahrenheit, screen brightness, or language -- English, French, or Spanish. The Nuheat Home senses not only the floor temperature but ambient air as well. It has dual voltage capability, either 120 or 240V. It even comes with a built-in ground fault circuit interrupter -- GFCI -- which is faster and more sensitive than a fuse or circuit breaker. There is a set-up wizard and a test mode to help with installation. This thermostat, while criticized for its price, is highly rated for both its ease of use and simple install.

Nuheat Home | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The schedule is easy to set and saves a ton of energy... Very happy! What you will save in electric bills will more than cover the higher price than the non-programmable...

Tom's Guide

Intuitive and simple to use touch screen controls. Sharp and clean looking design, with an uncluttered main screen that dims and does not scream for attention...

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The nuheat home thermostat was easy to install, to set and works perfectly. It is a great improvement over the original.

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Our old thermostat stopped working, so we needed a replacement. This nuheat home is an improvement. It took about 15 mins. to install... it's easier to see and use. Terrific!

Tom's Guide

Just set your floors temperature a few minutes before your alarm clock using your phone... Feel the pleasure of being relaxed from early in the morning.

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