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Sprite Specifications

5.7" x 5.7" x 1.2"
the sprite weighs 0.5 pounds


phone controllable
has scheduling
has wifi
Upc n
865775  000309

Editorial Review

The coolest thing about the Netro Sprite is the part that doesn't come with it: the Whisperer. Advertised as optional, the Netro Whisperer is a stylish in-ground monitor for your yard that registers sunlight, temperature and moisture so that the Sprite controller will know exactly what your lawn needs. Also, it's pretty cute. Unfortunately, you'll need to pay extra for it and, at this writing, Amazon is advertising it as "coming soon."

Not that the Sprite is any slouch on its own. The controller is probably as good-looking a unit as you'll currently find on the market and it will network with your smart device via WiFi. And it has all the features that other systems have at a surprisingly low price, so you can afford to add the Whisperer when somebody gets around to selling it. It will hook into weather reports on the Internet and vary your watering patterns according to predictions, though it would probably do a better job of this with the Whisperer reporting on conditions in your actual yard. If an alert goes out from your local government setting restrictions on water usage, it will automatically comply. (Presumably you can override this if you want to be a bad citizen and waste valuable water, but if you have a fence around your property nobody will judge except your conscience.)

Netro claims that the Sprite will take 15 minutes to install, but this assumes that you already have a sprinkler system set up and are replacing a less capable (or less stylish) older controller. The Netro app notices what kind of watering schedules you like and adjusts its future settings accordingly, adjusting them for historical weather data, but this is another one of those things that you might want to override if the Sprite misjudges your intentions.

The Sprite, and especially Netro's customer service, get laudatory notices on Amazon, with the device garnering an average of 4-1/2 stars even without the Whisperer available, so you might want to make the plunge. If you'd prefer making that plunge into another sprinkler system's water, look at the Toro EVO-4ID, the Orbit B-hyve 6-Station or the (also very stylish) Asante Irrigation Controller.

Netro Sprite | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I initially learned about the Netro smart controller on Kickstarter and thought it is such a cool product. Now I have it installed and set up, and couldn't be happier.

Tom's Guide

Easy to install and configure. Everything works as it should on our nine zones. The magnetic closure on the front cover of the unit is a nice touch. Works great!

Tom's Guide