Natures Miracle Multi Cat Self Cleaning Hooded

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Multi Cat Self Cleaning Hooded Specifications

30" x 11.8" x 17.8"
the multi cat self cleaning hooded weighs 17.3 pounds


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Editorial Review

Considering how much time cats spend cleaning themselves, it’s disturbing how truly stinky they can be. Nothing that is that clean should make anyplace smell so awful. This is why automatic litter boxes are a beloved accessory in cat owners' homes. One can enjoy the many benefits of having a toothy, furry claw machine without having to wonder why visitors are always wrinkling their noses or retching in disgust. What's even better than an automatic litter box? A self-cleaning one, like the highly rated, simply designed PetSafe Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box. For cat fanciers with fancier cats, the CatGenie 120 Self-Washing looks and flushes like a people-toilet.

Then there is Nature's Miracle Self-Cleaning Multi-Cat Hooded Litter Box. Alas, the product's name contains more information than the Nature's Miracle website, although the reviews they posted on their site are negative in regards to their other litter boxes. However, there are plenty of reviews on other sites that also excoriate the Self-Cleaning Hooded box. Apparently, this automatic litter box scoops the waste and stores it in a sealed receptacle, which appears to be of rather flimsy plastic, like the kind that paint tray liners are made from. A carbon filter in the top of the hood handles odors. The hood provides privacy and covers the litter box. Included is a carpeted ramp, a feature that should be standard on all litter boxes.

The Nature's Miracle Self-Cleaning Hooded box is supposedly extra-large to accommodate multiple cats. It should also work with the cat's preferred litter. The main issues regarding this box is its cheap construction, the delicate rake and mechanism, and jamming. Forgiving users point out that with a bit of modifying -- tape on the sides here, fiddle with a gear there -- the box works fine. However, it might defeat the purpose of a hassle-free product if the user has to modify it to make it work and then regularly fix it to keep it functional. Maybe the miracle is to get this litter box to last at least 1 year.

Natures Miracle Multi Cat Self Cleaning Hooded | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Makes cleaning up so much easier and faster, it's on autopilot. One of the cats got scared with the noise but got used to it.

Tom's Guide

Works pretty well. My cat loves it.

Tom's Guide