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One Connect Specifications

8" x 2" x 8"
released date


the one connect weighs 0.5 pounds


phone controllable
battery life


has bluetooth
Upc n
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Editorial Review

Once upon a time, headphones let you listen to music in the privacy of your auditory canals. They still do, but the Muzik One also lets you get that music through iOS apps like Spotify, share that music via Facebook and Twitter, and make phone calls. The price of a brand new Muzik One is comparable to that of the Beats Solo2, so the company, which has backing from Twitter, is putting itself in direct competition with the product-defining trendsetters at Apple. That means they have to stand out from the very bright light cast by the House that Jobs built, and they hope to do that by redefining headphones the same way Apple redefined, well, phones.

The key feature on the Muzik One is what the manufacturers term programmable hot keys, a quartet of buttons on the earpiece that can be preset via, ironically, your iPhone (Android support is on the way) for one-touch access to the online service of your choice. Want to hear live news while you're out jogging? Program a hot key for it. Want to switch from Spotify to an alternative music service like Maize? Program a hot key for it. In fact, the hot keys can be used to connect with any smartphone app that would be appropriate for use with headphones.

These headphones not only talk to you -- they also listen, via Muzik's Intelligent Voice Control. Most of the social interactivity involves sharing the music in your head with the eyeballs of your friends and followers on social media platforms, which seems a bit limited but is still a step beyond anything Beats is offering. But the headset also networks with the IFTTT whole-home-control platform, which potentially means you can turn on your lights and set the smart thermostat with a programmed hot key and voice control.

There are other high-end headphones on the market -- the Beats models, for instance -- but for the moment the Muzik One seems to be unique in its range of capabilities. The even pricier Sennheiser PXC 550 may give you better sound, and the Royole Moon will give you the sun and the stars with its video and virtual reality capabilities. But neither one will turn your stove on for you.

Muzik One Connect | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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These headphones take social media, sound quality to the next level...the fit and feel far exceeds anything on the market!

Tom's Guide

The swipe gestures malfunction half the time and are quite hard to use. The materials are not as premium as you'd expect from such headphones.

Tom's Guide

Allows you to create your own commands and scenes based on inputs...can tap into your environment and perform any number of fun tricks you can think of.

Tom's Guide

Sound pretty good, but they aren’t especially comfortable, and, worse still, the so-called “smart” social sharing features get usurped by a poorly-designed app.

Tom's Guide

Connection is transparent and it really does feel like the headset itself connects directly to the Internet. That connection allows it to do two special things.

Tom's Guide

So long as you link your Spotify, Facebook and Twitter accounts to it, you can tap on a cup to start up a playlist, follow artists or share what you're listening to.

Tom's Guide