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Perfect Dinner V2 Specifications

the perfect dinner v2 weighs 3.5 pounds


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Editorial Review

Pets. What would they do without us? Probably order take-out, and then gain massive amounts of weight because they can't grasp the concept of portion control like we can, what with opposable thumbs and all. Human ingenuity thus rises to the occasion by having automated pet feeders take on the human role so that humans can work the hours necessary to keep their pets rolling in kibble. If there is a more noble cause, it doesn’t belong in this review. Thankfully, the surfeit of pets can be sated by a plethora of comestible distribution options. Mota is just one of many companies that offer food dispensation machines with smaller quadrupeds in mind.

Mota was founded in 2003, and is a Silicon Valley manufacturer and marketer of wearable consumer electronics, consumer drones and 3D printers. Their Automatic Pet Dinner V2 is akin to the Qpets AF- 200 Extra Large and Petmate Aspen Pet Lebistro. All three feeders possess large, transparent food hoppers, making the Lebistro resemble a blender and the QPets and V2 look like Sparkletts water dispensers. Both the QPets and V2 allow the owner to record and play back a dinner-beckoning message. With the latter, the message is recorded directly onto the bowl for that professional studio feel. The V2 can hold 7 lbs. of food and can be programmed to dish out the desired portion according to the feeding schedule. The large LCD on the back of the unit displays time, meals programmed, meal sizes and meals served.

The Mota V2 runs on 3 D batteries -- not included, nor is an AC adapter -- which should provide 180 days of power. There are 12 portion amount types, and serving sizes range from 1/3 cup to 6 cups. The food bowl is detachable, and internal rotor technology prevents jamming. As with most pet feeders, this one claims to be tamper-proof, but the hopper lid doesn't inspire much confidence. However, it is feline friendly and dog approved, and that's what counts.

Mota Perfect Dinner V2 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The only thing I would improve upon is to include the charger with the set. Works fine!

Tom's Guide

I don't use the voice feature, but setup is quick for programming meals and times. Double check the measurements if you're picky about how much the dog is eating.

Tom's Guide