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the everybot rs500 weighs 6 pounds


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Editorial Review

Considering the frequency with which floors ought to be mopped and the price disparity between something like this and a mop and bucket, there is no question that the robot mop is a luxury—and if your feelings about mopping are anything like mine, an extremely welcome luxury at that. No modern home is complete without a veritable fleet of floorbots at the ready to keep it spotless; with something like the Moneual Everybot RS500 robot mop handling the tough stuff after a robot vacuum clears the way, your effective implementation of robo-feudalism in your own home will save you hours of valuable time otherwise spent in utter drudgery.

The RS500 comes in at almost exactly the same price as the iRobot Braava, boasting comparable features but a different look. The round shapes and light colors of the RS500 are a pleasant sight scuttling across the floor, a feat it can accomplish in any of five pre-programmed paths or by remote-controlled direction. You do have to fill this with water prior to each use, of course, meaning it's not as fully autonomous as a high-tech robot vacuum; still, given the relatively infrequent need for mopping, this inconvenience is quite unobtrusive.

What's it worth to you to buy back a few hours of chore-time every year? Again, if you're like me, you're fairly close to a positive return on your investment after the second use. Moneual also produces the Rydis hybrid dry mop and vacuum, another valuable addition to the aforementioned robot fleet and a potential partial replacement for the RS500. For a similar hybrid bot with even more added features, check out the Jisiewi SPlus.

Moneual Everybot RS500 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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The product does not fill my expectations, doesn't work well.

Tom's Guide

It is very easy to handle and understand. It left the grounds phenomenally clean and without any effort on my part. I highly recommend it.

Tom's Guide

The device thunders with an incredible speed against everything it comes its way. The height of the device is also not optimal... Unfortunately, not suitable for me.

Tom's Guide

Very simple to use and very effective for cleaning floors. Moves everywhere, skates diffuse water and rub at the same time. I recommend! Super efficient!

Tom's Guide