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3.9" x 1" x 3.9"
released date


the home weighs 1.1 pounds


phone controllable
remote control included
has wifi
Upc n
742832  562836

Editorial Review

Home thermostatic control is one of those things that many people enjoy wielding. A press of a button or flip of a switch is all it takes to get into the comfort zone. Once you lose this power, the happiness it brings you becomes more apparent as you sit in your home sweltering or freezing. At least until you step outside. Home thermostats have become so much more sophisticated, more intelligent, that it's enough to make you wonder who really is in control -- you or the device. In many ways, they've gotten a bit more complicated just in the sheer number of things they can do and the ways in which they can be accessed.

For example, while the Salus IT500 is a more basic smart thermostat, it's still accessible through PC or smartphone. The American Standard Gold 824 Nexia Control is capable of controlling and scheduling the home's other intelligent products. It also comes with optional weather forecasting and software upgrades. The Momit Smart studies your habits in order to optimize energy savings, monitors indoor humidity, and can turn the boiler on or off based on your location.

The momit Home Thermostat is as intelligent as the momit Smart and has many of the same features -- app control, My Budget, Calendar mode, Geolocation, Presence sensor, and weather forecasting for up to 7 days. Schedule mode allows the user to program daily temperature intervals. With the separate Extension Kit, the momit Home becomes cordless, allowing it to be moved from room to room. The Kit also enables wireless control of underfloor heating. This particular momit controls for heat only, but should be compatible with the 95% of homes. The momit Home Starter Kit comes with the thermostat and base, including batteries and screws, ethernet cable, USB cable, and USB adapter.

Momit Home | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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