Molain Oral Irrigator

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Oral Irrigator Specifications

the oral irrigator weighs 2.7 pounds


Editorial Review

The Molain is a classy-looking white plastic oral irrigator with a charger for the irrigator and a 1,000 milliliter water reservoir that looks large enough to use as emergency storage in a drought. The irrigator comes with three jet tips, one periodontal tip, one orthodontic tip, one dental plaque tip and one tongue cleaner tip, so you won't lack for ways to probe around inside your mouth. (The orthodontic tip, one assumes, is for users with braces.) A user's manual is included in case you can't figure out what to use them all for. This 2.7 pound unit is probably going to take up a chunk of space on your bathroom counter, so take that into account when calculating whether it will fit next to the electric toothbrush, the hair dryer, and anything else that may get in the way.

Oddly, Molain positions itself as a maker of women's personal care products, but it's hard to see how an oral irrigator is going to care whether your mouth contains XX or XY chromosomes. For some alternative oral irrigators, take a look at the Waterpik Cordless Advanced, the Panasonic Water Flosser and the ToiletTree Poseidon Pro 2000W.

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After a week of using this electric dental tool, I have to say it did a great job in cleaning my teeth. I feel so fresh and clean after using this every night.

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If you care about clean teeth, this water flosser is just right and very easy to use.

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