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Luma Touch Specifications

10.5" x 10.5" x 15"
released date


the luma touch weighs 6.5 pounds


Editorial Review

There's a difference between mist and humidity. The former consists of tiny water particles, light enough to float on air. (Clouds, those things that block the sun and herald the arrival of precipitation, are basically cold mist.) Humidity consists of water vapor, the evaporated form of H2O, which is an invisible gas. Mist can produce humidity as the particles evaporate into the air and can produce many of the same effects as humidity, like scouring germs out of the air and keeping your skin moist, but it can also make things wet, like your furniture and your hair. So keep that distinction in mind as we talk about the Miro Luma Touch humidifier.

The Luma Touch is a curved pot on a pedestal with a mist spout (or, in Luma's terminology, a Vapor Cap) on top. Add water and an ultrasound device breaks the water into thousands of tiny particles that are blown through the cap and into your room using a fan. The unit glows with internal LED lighting and can be used as an aromatherapy device if you add essential oils to the cap. (So many humidifiers have this feature now that the distinction between humidification and aromatherapy is beginning to break down, though on this website we place the two different kinds of unit in different sections, so you might want to check both if you want both an oil diffuser and a humidifier. However, be warned that adding essential oils to a humidifier not rated for that use isn't recommended.) Luma makes three different Vapor Caps available in the package -- the Volcano Cap, the Tea-Kettle Cap, and the Aroma Cap -- which they claim disperse the mist in different ways. (The Aroma Cap contains a cotton or gauze wick to hold the essential oils.) Illuminated touch controls encircling the water reservoir moderate the LED brightness and the misting level.

Amazon reviews are more negative than positive, with one user complaining that the mist simply coalesced into pools of water around the base, without ever humidifying the air, so bear this in mind as you shop for a humidifier. Also look at the Essick Air AirCare Pedestal, the Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist and the Guardian Technologies PureGuardian H8000B.

Miro Luma Touch | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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This humidifier did not seem to produce actual humidity, only steam that would project out a few inches, then pool onto the table top.

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