Milagrow RoboTiger 2.0

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RoboTiger 2.0 Specifications

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the robotiger 2.0 weighs 33.1 pounds


remote control included
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Editorial Review

Owing to its remarkable spatial abundance, North America's lawns tend toward the scale of putting greens and small parks. In a 2005 NASA-sponsored investigation, it was estimated that American lawns accounted for around 49,000 square miles of land, making them the nation’s number-one irrigated crop. On the plus side, they offer oxygen conversion, erosion control, cooling urban greenery amid surrounding concrete or asphalt, and for the hearty iconoclast, a place for personal recreation. Distressingly, the majority of human lawn use is in the mowing and other maintenance of this thirsty ground-cover, and US gardening is a nearly 30-billion-dollar-a-year industry.

As with the pools we don’t sweep, the pets we don’t feed and the carpets we don’t vacuum, the lawn has become another indulgence readily relegated to robot. And with that kind of money being thrown into the yard, it's not surprising that so many manufacturers seek to cut into some of that sweet green. Garden giant Lawnbott has a wide range of offerings like the LB75DX, which can tackle 12,000 square-foot greens with ease. Auto giant Honda has even staked out their turf in the UK with the Miimo 520 and its kin.

Maker of fine bots for easing the stress of consumer maintenance, Indian company Milagrow offers a fairly precise clone of the E.Zicom 400 Evo. The hulls are exactly the same, down to the knobby drive tires and caster fronts, though the 400 Evo is matte black while Milagrow appears to prefer less menacing hues. The RoboTiger 2.0 will tear through 6500 square feet of greenery on a single, 3-hour charge. But it doesn’t stop there. It is purported to cover 16,150 square feet in a 24-hour marathon of clippings.

Like its European cousin, the 400 Evo, the RoboTiger 2.0 can be controlled remotely, pretty much negating any real time savings in the process. But you can also mow from your phone -- that certainly holds some appeal. Its tip and tilt sensors automatically shut off the spinning blades of lawn control, should it be picked up while it's running.

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Robotiger 2.0 has a safety features that includes sensors that will stop the blade in a second so its totally safe for children and pets.

Tom's Guide

There is a continuous communication between virtual wire, charging station and the mower to sense and mow the lawn consistently.

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In robitic auto mode, the lawn mowing robots select cutting mode by using their intelligence.

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They go straight if the grass is sparse or it has been cut off, and they go in circles if the grass is dense or long.

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