Milagrow RoboNicklaus 2.0

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RoboNicklaus 2.0 Specifications

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the robonicklaus 2.0 weighs 41.9 pounds


remote control included
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self charging
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Editorial Review

Milagrow boasts that it's the "No. 1 Domestic Robots company in India." It might also be the most mysterious. Since 2012, Milagrow's Humantech line has produced robotic body massagers, pool cleaners, window wipers, and now the robotic mower Robonicklaus 2.0. The product name calls to mind golfing great Jack Nicklaus, who may or may not eat grass. Only Milagrow knows for sure.

How well the mower works is anyone's guess. There does not appear to be a Robonicklaus 1.0 from which the current model evolved. The Milagrow website features animated gifs of its product categories. Surrounding the images are clip art Christmas lights. The site also features an About Us page on which the founders insist twice that they have never paid a bribe. But customer feedback is nowhere to be found.

Robotic mowers have come from unsaturated manufacturing markets before. Husqvarna is Swedish and Robomow is Israeli. Those companies, however, have had a more vocal reception in the online lawn care community.

It has no reviews on the Milagrow Humantech order page, but it does have 23 five-star ratings out of 23.

By its specifications, the Robonicklaus 2.0 should be a solid competitor. It's not obese, it offers remote control, and it claims a rugged 3-hour battery life. Its low price could make it worth investigating for newcomers to the robotic mowing market.

The Robonicklaus 2.0 also purports to be rainproof and it comes with an anti-theft mechanism. Perhaps Jack Nicklaus is underneath the wheels, ready to bite off a burglar's fingers.

It's hard to draw any real conclusions on the Robonicklaus 2.0, but for the adventurous lawn care aficionado it could be worth hunting down.

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