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Aguabot 5.0 Specifications

released date


the aguabot 5.0 weighs 5.5 pounds


remote control included
battery life


self charging
has scheduling
has hepa filter

Editorial Review

What's in a name? In marketing, almost everything. What's cooler than a robot? One with a great name. Great name plus robot equals something that a lot of people want. And if that something happens to do household chores, then all the better. Should the greatly titled housebot not live up to its name or robottiness, then it can be hacked into something that its owner wants even more -- a coffee dispenser or paper signer, perhaps. While there isn't yet a domestic bot named Botty McBotface, iRobot's models have definitely nailed the whole brand recognition thing with the Roomba.

Milagrow is an Indian tech firm based in Gurgaon and founded in 2007. Its domestic robots division launched in 2012 and is responsible for the production of robotic vacuum cleaners as well as window cleaning and body massaging robots -- massagebots? It has perfected the art of nomenclature with the Milagrow RoboCop 2.0 and Milagrow RedHawk 3.0. While the RedHawk is certainly red, it doesn't fly, nor does the RoboCop look anything like its movie namesake. Maybe it can be hacked into a citation issuer. Another of Milagrow's cleverly named bots is the AguaBot 5.0, India's first mopbot. It has a water tank and supposedly the world's largest robot mop attachment.

The AguaBot has 45-watt suction power and a 2200 mAh rechargeable li-po battery, which enables it to clean up to 3500-square feet for about 120 minutes. Thick, anti-slipping tires provide traction on wet floors and allow it to cross thresholds of up to 22 mm. A universal front wheel has hidden sensors for increased maneuverability. This robovac comes with 5th generation software as well as auto-charging, obstacle and fall detection, self-diagnosis, and anti-tangling. 3 cleaning modes are available -- Spiral, Zig Zag, Wall to Wall -- for tile, concrete, glass, marble, wood, lino, and most carpets. Ideal for pet-owning homes, the unit has a 0.50-liter dustbin capacity and washable HEPA filters. You can schedule the AguaBot to clean each day at the same time, with a time delay set for up to 5 hours.

Milagrow Aguabot 5.0 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The AguaBot 5.0 with its floor wetting facility and then drying it is awesome.

Tom's Guide

The product is excellent. It has excellent suction power. Mopping is very fine...Does very good cleaning.

Tom's Guide

Cleaning action is good but needs a lot of supervision as it leaves a lot of uncleaned spaces, water needs refilling, water container gets detached, etc.

Tom's Guide

Comes with a water reservoir and smart mop attachment...While the front portion of the mop will do the wet mopping, the back portion wipes the floor dry.

Tom's Guide

Comes with dual suction control...The normal mode saves battery while the turbo mode provides the extra power needed to suck up tough dirt.

Tom's Guide