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Emicro One Specifications

30.7" x 19.3" x 39.2"
released date


the emicro one weighs 16.5 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


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Editorial Review

It's a good time to be a commuter. In the US, people are still identified by the cars they drive, but there is increasing awareness of vehicular downsides -- pollution, noise, traffic, distraction-induced accidents. In some major cities, public transit is the go-to alternative. For finishing the final leg of their commute, last-mile PTVs like the E-twow Booster give workers a short burst from the subway station or bus stop to the office. It seems that urban PTVs are here to stay, and so there are plenty of companies to fulfill the demand.

One of these is from the UK. Micro offers the e-Micro One, a folding electric push scooter that is extremely light, weighing only 16 lbs., or just over one British stone. It is much lighter than similar e-scooters in its class, including the 24-lb. Booster, the 22-lb. Coolpeds 3s, and the 26-lb. Glion Dolly. A 500-watt brushless DC motor of Swiss design is custom-fitted into the rear wheel hub, so the e-Micro comes with more power than the Dolly and 3S, but the same amount as the Booster. It uses regenerative braking, which can also switch off the motor, a trait found on the 3S as well. 3 modes are available -- eco, standard, and sport. The rider can wirelessly switch between these pre-programmed settings via an on-board scooter-computer. The dual core front wheel is the first of its kind -- soft on the inside and hard on the outside, sort of like a rubber Tootsie Pop. The soft core provides shock absorption.

The e-Micro contains sensors that detect slopes and increase power and torque accordingly. 4 built-in LEDs indicate speed and battery charge. This scooter must be charged at least once every 3 months, and the battery is fully charged in an hour. More sensors detect if the e-Micro is inactive, then automatically place it into sleep mode to save energy and turn it on when there's movement. Although the scooter is light enough to use as a tea stirrer, it's recommended for users aged 16 and up.

Micro Emicro One | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It's light so it can almost be ridden as a scooter without power. The power is glitchy it only works intermittently.

Tom's Guide

It is a very well built product and comes in nice packaging. Looks solid and sleek. The motor does not seem very strong and does not propel well at slower speeds.

Tom's Guide

Has a range of around 12km on a single charge...if you do have to charge it, you're back up and running within 60-minutes of plugging it into the wall.

Tom's Guide

Just push off with your foot, and the motor built into the rear wheel comes to life automatically for up to 10 regenerative braking built into that rear wheel.

Tom's Guide

There’s no throttle, lever or buttons, as the electric motor, which is housed in the oversized rear wheel, provides a boost of power whenever you kick.

Tom's Guide