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Tw01 Specifications

Dim 1
the tw01 weighs 27 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


has bluetooth

Editorial Review

MegaWheels is based in China, an economic powerhouse of a nation that doesn't speak a lot of English, as evidenced by advertising copy that reads, "Megawheels hoverboard with Bluetooth speaker allows to enjoy having a Back Ground Music while riding." If you enjoy having a Back Ground Music while riding, the Megawheels Tw01 may be the self-balancing scooter you're looking for, though you're probably more concerned with just how well this scooter scoots.

Apparently it scoots pretty well. This so-called "hoverboard" has lithium-ion batteries, which allow it to go between 10 to 13 miles before they beg for a meal. Like other self-balancing scooters, you can propel it by leaning forward and turn it by rotating your ankles on one of the independently powered footpads to tell it which direction you want to go in. The top speed you're likely to get on flat ground is around eight miles per hour, less on slopes, though the board can climb hills up to a 25-degree grade. (This may vary according to how heavy the rider is.) The unit responds to fairly subtle foot motions, so all you'll really need is a decent sense of your own balance to ride it around the neighborhood or even in your house. It can handle well-trimmed grass as well as smooth concrete, though you might not want to ride it over the curb. Lift its 27 pounds over the edge instead (or just kick it over, since it seems to be a pretty sturdy model). Lean back to slow it down if you find it's going faster than you want it to or you come to a stopping point.

The batteries are UL certified, so they won't catch fire if you overcharge, though you still might want to unplug it when it's done to avoid any battery strain. Amazon reviewers give the unit a spectacular 4.9 out of 5 stars, with 68 largely glowing reviews at this writing, so MegaWheels must be doing something right. If you still want to look at other boards, check out the Vecaro Trek-X, the Swagtron T3 and the uniquely designed Future Motion Onewheel, which -- yes -- balances on only a single wheel.

Megawheels Tw01 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Great board with good price, I bought this Megawheels Hoverboard for my son and he loves it so much. I and his mom had tried also, the board had presented us lots of fun.

Tom's Guide

I love it! It is great and will not explode because the battery is Samsung and it was very affordable.

Tom's Guide