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Dolphin DX4 Specifications

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the dolphin dx4 weighs 22 pounds


remote control included
has scheduling
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Editorial Review

In the expanding category of First World Problems, pool ownership falls just beneath boat debt as a sound way to get soaked for recreational purposes. In hot places, coincidentally where swimming pools tend to congregate, just keeping them full of water can take a bite. Pumps, filtration systems and chemicals all go to seeing that the swimming pool doesn’t become a murky vector of mosquitoes or backyard duck sanctuary. But even with all this, the pool demands more; it wants to be massaged. In the dark ages, pools were scrubbed by hand-holding brush on a long telescopic pole. In the late 20th century, immigration and monetary surfeit bred the traveling pool guy to contend with the collective’s poolish needs.

In the 21st century, we more and more opt for the bot. And when it comes to our pools, there are quite a lot. Some, like the bottom-cleaning Smartpool Kleenmachine, narrow-focus their talents on specific challenges. Others are transitional, able to do a broader variety of tasks over a wider number of surfaces, like the Dolphin Primal X3. Following on its tail-fin sails the Dolphin DX4.

While less expensive than an actual dolphin, unless you perhaps catch it yourself, the DX4 is a full immersion investment, nearly double that of the Primal X3. Touted as the most advanced pool-bot under the water, it certainly looks impressive with its knobby rollers and goal-post top rig. Powered by a 60-foot cord from an a/c wall outlet, its tangle-free swivel cord keeps it from getting too wrapped up in itself. A micro-filtration bag gathers particulate matter so fine that it even eludes the mighty cartridge filter, thereby reducing the frequency of pool filter back-washing. The DX4 maps the cleaning area based upon the most efficient angle of attack. The DX4 comes with a remote control, always useful for a device that works under water, so saturation isn’t necessitated when adjustments are required. The DX4 even alerts its human master when its dirt bag is full and needs a hose-out.

Maytronics Dolphin DX4 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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The parts don't seem to last very long in salt water pools with pebble scape plaster...will get stuck on a corner of the pool or the angle where the pool walls curve sharply.

Tom's Guide

I have a 28'x15' pool and it does a great job. I just push the button for the 3 hour cycle and I know it'll be perfect. It's usually already perfect after an hour.

Tom's Guide

We bought a new Dolphin DX4 from a local pool store. It would not climb the walls or get anywhere near the water line.

Tom's Guide

It has a swivel cord so it doesn’t get tangled, a remote control to guide it into those tough to reach spaces, and it will even tell you when the bag is full.

Tom's Guide