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the dolphin cayman weighs 14 pounds


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Editorial Review

Based on their advertising, the main selling point for the Maytronics Dolphin Cayman seems to be the HyperBrush(tm), a rotating surface scrubber that supposedly runs twice as fast as "standard pool brushes." Which standard pool brushes these are they don't say, so it's possible that there are other nonstandard brushes out there with cool-sounding names that run just as fast, but since the rotational speed of brushes is not a statistic commonly supplied with product descriptions, it's difficult to compare. Suffice it to say that this sounds like a pretty good, if not necessarily unequaled, pool brush. According to Maytronics, the HyperBrush will scrape off entrenched contaminants that can continue to contaminate, like algae blooms that give off clouds of particles that keep your pool water from being crystal clear.

That's certainly a selling point. The Cayman also has a "SmartNav 2.0(tm)" system for mapping out your pool and making sure that no algae bloom remains unturned, adding further to its trademarked tech. Given that the Cayman is surprisingly affordable by high-end pool robot standards, that's a lot of trademark bang for your buck. And that's not even taking into account that the unit has "HyperGrip(tm) Rubber Tracks" to grip the walls of your pool and keep the Cayman from slipping as it climbs the sides. And the unit's "SnapLoc(tm) filters" pop right out of the top so that you can grab them and hose them down easily between sessions to keep them from getting gunked up with particles that may obstruct the flow of water and prevent it from remaining in in top working order.

If sheer trademark power alone is enough to make this unit worth buying, it clearly has it. The real question is whether all this tech works as advertised. Alas, Amazon users are so mixed on that question that the Cayman can only get three stars out of five in that outlet's review section, with at least one user complaining that those HyperGrip tires really don't grip that well and another that the unit stopped working after five months. Online reviews are not always a reliable indicator of quality, but if you'd like to look elsewhere, try the Aquabot Elite or the Hayward TigerShark QC.

Maytronics Dolphin Cayman | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Definitely does the job. We just toss it in the pool, and it seems to have the whole pool outlined and memorized. I’m amazed at how quickly it covers all the ground.

Tom's Guide

We’ve been really pleased with it. It has a large filter basket which is pretty easy to access and empty out. For the price, it does exactly what we were hoping it would.

Tom's Guide