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E1013-120 Specifications

33" x 15" x 39"
the e1013-120 weighs 30 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


battery life



Editorial Review

What's not to like about kids' e-wheeled vehicles? They're light, easy to operate, and go far and fast enough to instill a sense of motivational independence. They don't require any real exertion, perhaps beyond finding a good one. Most of all, they're a way to get the kids outside, into the air and sun and out of the hair of harried parents. But what about the girls? Well, the market's got them covered too. Start her off on the Pulse Safe Start, a decent enough 3-wheeler with actual safeguards. When she enters her goth phase, she can show off her standing skills with the marginal Dynacraft Monster High 24V. Once she's done with standing scooters, she may be ready for the stylish Razor Pocket Mod, on which she can pretend to be Audrey Hepburn from Roman Holiday.

The Maxtra E1013-120, unlike the previous examples, is gender non-specific, so girls might like it if it makes them feel like one of the boys. It is made for ages 6 to 14, as reflected in its small deck and frame. The stem is adjustable and the unit folds down which, at 30 lbs., makes it portable but kind of heavy for a kid -- there are adult e-scooters that weigh less than this. The body is made of steel and the T-handle of aluminum. There is twist-grip throttle acceleration, which gives speeds between 12 and 14 mph, and the 120/140-watt, belt-driven motor is good for up to an hour of continuous use and a range of 7 to 9 miles. The E1013-120 has folding handlebars and 6-inch PU tires.

Starting this CE/ROHS-certified scooter is as simple as switching a button. Stopping is done via a rear clipping brake, and the engine is controlled by the right bar. The battery takes about 6 or more hours to charge, and both the charger and assembly tools are included. Note that the weight limit is 177 lbs. Though there isn't a company website, this Maxtra's product has strongly worded legal and safety disclaimers on Amazon -- including the reminder that e-scooters are not for use on public roads -- and low satisfaction rates.

Maxtra E1013-120 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The seat frequently falls down. It doesn't hold in the raised position. But my daughter doesn't care. She loves everything else about it anyways.

Tom's Guide

This scooter bike was very quick and easy to assemble. It came with some tools, but I suggest adding an adjustable wrench and pliers to your arsenal...

Tom's Guide