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E100 Specifications

Dim xl
the e100 weighs 20 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


battery life



Editorial Review

The Maxtra E100 is the standing version of the Maxtra E1013-120. They're both made of steel with folding aluminum T-handles. They both have a speed limit of 12 mph for an hour of ride time. There's twist-grip acceleration, a rear clipping brake, and button-switch start mode on both scooters. The 120-watt belt-driven motor provides a range of 7 to 9 miles, and the power is handled by the right handlebar and the brake is on the left. The E100 has smaller PU tires at 5 inches, weighs 10 lbs. lighter, and has a lesser weight limit than the E1013-120. It takes about 5 to 8 hours to charge the battery, and the charger and tools are included. This e-scooter has a kid-sized deck and frame ideal for 6- to 14-year olds, and is CE/RoHS certified.

Sellers of e-scooters are working hard to ensure that everybody possesses one. As a niche product, they haven't yet overtaken walking as the primary method of making those short trips to the store or down the driveway. But that is sure to change by 2026, which is the year experts predict that this device will have dominated the small electric vehicle market. From an advertising standpoint, it makes sense to start acclimating people to scooters while they're still kids, or when they have their own. However, unlike bikes, e-scooters can be easily learned at any age.

For those whippersnappers of 8 years and up, you could get the Razor E100, which is a basic beginner's e-scooter from a company whose marketing genius sold millions of scooters and brought them into the zeitgeist. The Daymak Photon lacks the performance of pretty much anything from Razor, but it does have solar panels and it plays music. Because it's rather sedate, it apparently can be ridden by anyone between 7 and 77 years old.

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8 year old grandson loves it especially when snow melted.

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