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V-20B Specifications

5.7" x 5" x 8.1"
the v-20b weighs 2.3 pounds


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954810  600018

Editorial Review

Periodontal health is something that evokes somewhat irrational fears in many people. Everyone who's ever felt the trepidation of walking into the dentist's office, head hanging in shame, mentally preparing for the impending ravaging Dr. Plaque Destroyer is going to wreak with her shiny metal pick, knows this periodontal fear all too well. The bleeding, the discomfort, the never-comfortable experience of having a stranger's hands inside your mouth for an hour -- harrowing is an understatement.

Fortunately, orally-oriented ortho-technologists have devised a more elegant solution to the ridding of plaque buildup: water flossers. California based Matwave presents a compelling option for those in the market with the V-20b. It's got nifty features, like a magnetic wand holder, variable water pressure, and several interchangeable heads for familial usage. For a gentler, effective clean, Matwave's water floser options are as good as any.

Matwave V-20B | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Good unit! Great customer service! The wife and I use the Matwave Flosser twice a day and we were very happy with it... It has been a pleasant experience.

Tom's Guide

Best water flosser that I have used! It holds more water and the controls are much easier to use. The magnetic wand holder is also very handy. I recommend this one.

Tom's Guide