Mahindra Genze e102 Recreational

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the genze e102 recreational weighs 46 pounds


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Editorial Review

Electrics bikes appeal to the techie and naturalist in us that few products are able to capture synchronously. On one hand, these are tools borne of the cleverness and scientific expertise of humankind to provide clean and efficient travel; on the other, they're bikes like any other that offer a great chance to exercise outside. True, you can offset that exercise with some motorized movement, but I digress: whether you want a sleek urban cruiser or something with a little more grit, the ebike market probably has you covered.

Indeed, for those whose tastes are not so well-defined, the Mahindra Genze E102 is an excellent choice to start with. Mahindra, an Indian industrial giant, offered two models of the E100 series in 2014 and 2015, with the E102 positioned as a low-cost city cruiser to its slightly flashier brethren. The somewhat weak motor (250 watt output) trades power for quiet and efficiency, and its rear wheel positioning hides it quite well. The five levels of pedal-assist allow for some variance between light exercise and outright motorized transport, a nice touch for those appreciative of ebikes for the qualities detailed previously.

For whatever reason, ebikes don't hold the same allure for tech speculators, futurists, and other would-be soothsayers that, say, drones seem to. Perhaps it says something about the type of change that seems to get our collective attention, the need for it to take demonstrably sizable departures from the norm — or at least, be framed as doing such. Quietly, ebikes have been flying off shelves virtual and physical across the globe, forcing legislators from the US to New Zealand to consider what exactly makes a bike a bike.

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Using the power assist is great when you're going uphills. I road this bike all the way from 71st Powell Boulevard up to Clackamas town Center and it was an enjoyable ride.

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Perfect for aging legs but still love to bike.

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Operating this electric bike is pretty straight forward but you still get a wide range of settings to mess with. To me, this bike has a lot of potential.

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