Mahindra Genze e101 Sport

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Genze e101 Sport Specifications

16" x 18" x 20"
released date


the genze e101 sport weighs 46 pounds


maximum speed


Editorial Review

The Mahindra GenZe E101 Sport is sleek and simple, delivering a smooth ride and solid range at a reasonable price. The Mahindra name is a highly trusted Indian brand, with the labyrinthine Mahindra Group owning subsidiaries in everything from steel to aerospace, and one can surmise that such a product from such a company could either benefit enormously from this breadth of capacity or be rushed out for a quick rupee. To the benefit of ebikers everywhere, it seems the former is true in this case.

Mahindra appears to leveraging their aforementioned clout and size to establish a network of dealerships in the US, a strategy still relatively new to most US locations (largely, those not on the West Coast). Such an ebike as the E101 Sport is an excellent complement for such a move: cost-effective (debuting at $1,499), functional (up to 30 miles on a 36 volt battery), and simple (the battery mounted and wires run internally makes for an exceptionally clean look). This is an ebike that's equal parts versatile and affordable, a sort of Model T-esque model that could help greatly in driving wider use of electric bikes.

Love the internal battery mount of the E101 Sport? Several ebikes these days feature similarly sleek looks; for more such models, check out the Pedego Ridge Rider or the Gocycle G3. If you're more in the market for the dirtbike equivalent of one of these things, you have to see the Bultaco Brinco R.

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Genze e101 Sport Reviews From Around The Web


I have over 300 miles on it so far and it is working just fine. Good bike! I would not hesitate to buy from them again.

Tom's Guide

I purchased the GenZe last month from Amazon and just love it. Although it's rather generic and may not suit some folks needs it's been near perfect for me.

Tom's Guide

To me, this bike has a lot of potential. They got the big things right with battery placement, multiple drive modes and a solid warranty.

Tom's Guide