Mahindra Genze 2.0

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Genze 2.0 Specifications

the genze 2.0 weighs 232 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


battery life


has usb

Editorial Review

In the USA, social planning led to the engineering of roads and thoroughfares built for automobiles. And when much of this planning was occurring, the automobiles were mighty big, so the roads of the US tend to be fairly spacious. At least when compared to European streets which have existed for considerably longer than automobiles and were clearly not designed for them. As a result, European cars tend to be smaller, and transportation alternatives abound including the ubiquitous scooter. Scooters transitioning from Europe and Asia are appearing with greater regularity on the byways of the USA. Smaller and more efficient, they can move through traffic with relative ease and can be parked, in some cases, right in your office.

Indian car manufacturer, Mahindra, has thrown their support to Ann Arbor, Michigan start-up GenZe and their first electric scooter, the GenZe 2.0. The limited release scooter made its initial appearance in Michigan, Oregon and California and is available for online sales. Unlike the fast but road-impractical Top Mobility Challenger X Deluxe or the not so fast and entirely impractical Hot Wheels 24V Urban Shredder, the GenZe is road worthy. Its 30-mph speed limit reduces the requirement for a motorcycle or even driver’s license in most states.

The GenZe 2.0 has an aluminum frame with a hub-mounted electric motor and disc brakes, making it a manageable 215 lbs. Its detachable battery can be charged in 3.5 hours and it has charging ports under the seat for iOS or Android devices. Requiring nothing more than a 4-digit PIN to start it, entered on its 7-inch touchscreen, GenZe has 3 driving settings – Safe, Econ and Sport. Safe has low take-off torque and throttle disable when the brake is pulled. Econ places focus on range while Sport maximizes torque with 0 to 30 possible in 8 seconds. On the back, an open cargo area will hold up to 75 lbs. of groceries or luggage. Embedded GPS with geofencing keeps tabs on the GenZe and alerts you via Smartphone if it leaves a defined area.

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The genze has a solid feel, and like most electric vehicles, it is nearly silent. It’s not speedy, but it is fun and surprisingly versatile for city dwellers...

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Its design and electric driveline make it easy to take the genze 2.0 for quick errands.

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The large wheels also have the added advantage of making all those potholes your city refuses to fix less of a danger than if the genze used the smaller tires...

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Despite the big trunk, the genze feels spacious, and a hub-mounted electric motor and disc breaks eliminate the need for a large drive train and belts.

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Another useful feature is the slanted seat that allows riders to choose between two seating positions. If they want to have a better view of traffic, the seat flips up...

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Super practical, no motorcycle license needed, especially convenient for apartment dwellers.

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