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UI5 Specifications

Dim xl
released date


the ui5 weighs 52 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


Upc n
635414  952081

Editorial Review

The Magnum UI5 has a look all of its own, though its leather color scheme is somewhat evocative of the also attractive Vela Model 1 and Electra Townie Go!. While the Magnum UI5 is, as its name indirectly suggests, a fifth-generation build, it's the first to be released to U.S. markets (prior generations had great success in Israel and parts of Europe). The integrated battery, something seen much less at the Magnum UI5's price range, is a primary contributor to the bike's sleek aesthetic, as is the crisp white and blue step-thru frame. Built primarily for city use, the Magnum UI5 features a 36 volt battery that powers the 350 watt internally geared hub motor, pushing the bike for a solid 25-55 miles of range at a top speed of a respectable 22 miles per hour.

Electric bikes can range in the several thousands of dollars, which can be a bit of an expense for most consumers out there (though, we hasten to remind, it is still far less expensive than a new car). As people search for new ways to travel, whether to escape the infuriating urban commute, to lessen one's negative environmental impact, or just to ride bikes with motors because it sounds like fun, producers are jockeying for the affections of the ever-present value shopper. Most ebikes targeting this demographic, like the Mahindra GenZe series, while great bikes, seem to come with the assumption that value means skimping on creative, attractive design (note: the GenZe isn't ugly so much as it is plain, in this reviewer's opinion). The Magnum UI5 turns this conception on its head, offering a beautiful, unique look for a price that brings the UI5 within range of those eyeing the GenZe and similarly priced machines.

Magnum UI5 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Bike is very easy to assemble. This bike is awesome, I put it together in a few minutes. Rides great very powerful. I took a spill with it, no issues.

Tom's Guide

Great bike, performs well...without assist, this bike is almost impossible to ride as a normal bike; the hub motor provides considerable rolling resistance even when off.

Tom's Guide

The battery secures to the frame well, looks good and is easy to take on and off...Offers throttle and pedal assist, the controls are fairly compact.

Tom's Guide

The battery pack has to be switched on before the bike is turned on, this takes extra time and makes it easy to forget to turn off the battery.

Tom's Guide