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Mi5 Specifications

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the mi5 weighs 52 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


has usb
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Editorial Review

In the Quartermaster division of the British Ministry of Intelligence, numerous manifestations of high-tech gadgetry are put into play for Crown and country. If James Bond films are to be believed, Q is capable of outfitting the most prosaic devices with the most outrageous accessories, usually designed for mayhem. The fact that Bond's adversaries are acutely aware of this and still let him keep his watch and exploding laser pen speaks higher of agencies than intelligence. Regardless, a fellow of Bond’s deportment, when compelled to ride a bicycle, would undoubtedly seek something that didn’t demand a bunch of pedaling, which would wrinkle up his nice suits. It would have to be faster than a baddie could run, hold up under intense performance demands, and above all else, look menacing. 007 isn’t thwarting evil on a pink Lady Schwinn.

In the tough-looking bike realm, there are some choices for Mr. Bond and those with similar aesthetic requirements. A good measure of intrinsic toughness has to be in the tires, with really skinny ones being better suited to racing than high-impact spy craft. The Izip Ebikes E3 Sumo has fat tires for an almost motorcycle look and could certainly help 007 in his Asian entanglements. For speed and legal-status representation, the Prodeco Technologies Outlaw SS is a red and black e-bike that will hit 28 mph on throttle alone. Of course for style and full-standing pursuits, the Trikke Pon-e 48v would give Bond something he could ride on in a tux, wrinkle-free.

There is much in a name, and the Magnum Mi5 sounds like something an operative could appreciate. Very tough, matte black with blue trim, it is powered by a rear-mounted hub motor cranking 600 watts at maximum output. The Mi5 has a 21-speed, 3x7 Shimano Tourney TX gear system with Shimano SIS Index Triggers on the left and right bar. For stopping power, it has Tektro mechanical disc brakes, with a 180-mm front rotor and 160-mm rear rotor, controlled by Artek levers with a motor inhibitor. A top speed of 22 mph and estimated maximum range of 55 miles make Mi5 quite the ride regardless what side you work for.

Magnum Mi5 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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The battery secures to the frame well, looks good and is easy to take on and off, secure and protected by the frame in case of tips.

Tom's Guide

Battery pack has to be switched on before the bike is turned on, this takes extra time and makes it easy to forget to tun off the battery which can slowly drain the battery.

Tom's Guide