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Editorial Review

Feeding the pets is one of those chores that pet owners sometimes find inconvenient, while the pets are usually quite enthusiastic about it. Perhaps owing to work schedules or other unanticipated events, owners are not always available to tend to their charges. Considering the average human in the 21st century is more sleep deprived and overworked than ever before, this is not shocking, but it is also no consolation to the pet. Like children, they insist on being fed every day. Therefore, automatic pet feeders such as the Petwatch PW SA and the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed are appreciable to both pet and owner.

The Lusmo L-AF120 from Japan is another automatic, easily programmable pet feeder. It works like other feeders, and looks sort of like a plastic waste bin with a handle. This handle locks down the upper lid to keep the pet from cheating on its diet and overtaxing the litterbox, perhaps the PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box. The dispenser tank takes small or medium dry kibble only -- larger kibble may jam it -- dispensing it on a 24-hour repeat cycle which runs daily at the same time with a single programming. Or the Lusmo can be programmed to feed up to 3 times a day, throwing dietary caution to the wind. In addition to Automatic mode, Manual mode can be used for in-between meal snacks, though it is fairly apparent where this road leads.

The Lusmo automatic pet feeder is appropriate for small dogs or cats and dispenses up to one cup at a time. At this rate, the dispenser tank becomes empty between 10 and 14 days. The Lusmo's cover is clear so the owner can tell at a glance how much food is left, and tinted to prevent sun exposure or unnecessary temptation. At 3.3 pounds, this feeder is extremely lightweight and cordless, thereby making it very portable. It operates on 4 D-sized batteries which should provide up to 6 months of kibble jackpots. The Lusmo comes in either yellow, orange or red.

Lusmo L-AF120 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

L-AF120 Reviews From Around The Web


This product operates exactly as advertised....unit is very well constructed and easy to use. For us it was a great investment, I only wish we had found it sooner.

Tom's Guide

Only takes batteries...loud when the kibble drops....Only takes dry kibble...Easy to use and refill. Many different portion size options...Works really well, guys.

Tom's Guide

You can set 3 times of feeding per day. Since it can also be set without the feeding amount, you can also set twice and once a day feeding.

Tom's Guide

It was purchased for the cat that is kept outside. can set the time and amount, very helpful...this is good to buy.

Tom's Guide