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Editorial Review

If there's any way the Lotus Hygiene Systems ATS-909 stands out from the crowd of bidet toilet seats, it's in their willingness to give its functions names that don't skirt around what they actually do. True, the Purestream function doesn't actually scream out that it's what you should use for constipation relief, but at least Lotus admits that constipation relief is one of the purposes you can use the seat for while other manufacturers leave it for users to discover this by themselves. And calling the frontal water jet a Lady Wash doesn't shy away from letting you know who should use that particular function and why. Men, try that one at your own risk. The rear wash is simply called Rear Wash, which is refreshingly blunt. Men and women, this is for you both.

The ATS-909 is an add-on bidet seat for existing toilets, so you don't have to worry about remodeling your bathroom for a brand-new toilet that will set you back thousands of dollars, although the low-end Ove Smart Toilet, purchased new, only costs a few hundred dollars more than this unit. But the Lotus seat dumps a load of features on you and doesn't require you to tear up your floor and your plumbing before you can use it. The seat is warmed. The nozzle, which is on an extensible arm that you won't be able to see creeping out under your private parts, is self-cleaning, so you won't make it dirty simply by using it. There's a dryer and a deodorizer to finish off the job. It closes softly, so you won't disturb the peaceful calm of night when you're done. And that anti-constipation feature should be appreciated by older users, heroin addicts and anyone else who suffers from chronic blockage of the bowels.

As add-on toilet seats go, the Lotus isn't cheap, so if you're willing to invest that kind of money in an automated place to put your posterior, you should also look at bidet-seat masters Toto, Inc., who invented this concept in the first place. The Toto C200 is actually less expensive than the Lotus and pre-mists the bowl to help keep it clean.

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It is so convenient to use and so gentle but cleans well...it is so smart, multi-functional and surprises you with magic results every day.

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My family and I love them so much...really smart seat, multi-functional product, always fresh, clean feeling and better oral hygiene. Highly recommended!

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