Logic Dive Gear Genesis 600

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Genesis 600 Specifications

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the genesis 600 weighs 33.5 pounds


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Editorial Review

As the nature of the Diver Propulsion Vehicle is to keep submerged sports aficionados motivated and ideally afloat, it would seem that one should be able to own one without sinking into debt. There are numerous options out there, some very accessible in the mid to upper 3 figures, while others float in the upper 4 and even lower 5 figures. For this vast disparity in price, the consumer would hope for a broad range of features available on the big ticket items not available in the lower priced DPVs. The consumer, as in so many cases, would be disappointed. In fact, some of the most expensive systems out there offer less than their more budget friendly rivals.

Sea Doo has the definite edge in the recreational water-sports pool, producing vessels that operate above, in and below the water. Some of their least expensive scooters, like the Sea Doo Dolphin, are designed for kids to be used in swimming pools and lakes. The Sea Doo VS Supercharged Plus can propel a diver around for 90 minutes at up to 3 mph. Both of these scooters are prop-driven, with electric motors, and are firmly in the mid 3-figure range. The unique Tusa SAV-7 is a submarine rider that will transport a diver, or even a couple of them, for almost 80 minutes at a considerably higher price than the Sea Doos.

For twice the price of the Tusa, which delivers hands-free diving propulsion, is the Logic Drive Gear Genesis 600. This is another tugpedo – black, thoroughly unadorned, a single utilitarian handle with a trigger over the open-ended prop-shroud to pull the diver along. Offering a magnetically-coupled, variable-speed control, the need for dynamic seals has been eliminated. At maximum thrust, the Genesis 600 will pull a diver around for about 40 minutes. With a 4-hour recharge time, some users report that batteries should not be charged unattended owing to unfortunate instances of combustion.

Logic Dive Gear Genesis 600 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The two features that stood out were a magnetically coupled prop which can be removed in water, and an adjustable throttle . . . overall I'm impressed with the build quality.

Tom's Guide

The speed can be adjusted with your thumb from zero to 100% while running and the gradual acceleration at start up takes you to the selected speed without a sudden jerk.

Tom's Guide

Despite the way it looks, this monstrosity actually drove fairly well, after a bit of attention to trim and balance.

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