Logic Dive Gear Genesis 1200

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Genesis 1200 Specifications

30.8" x 8" x 8"
the genesis 1200 weighs 44.9 pounds


battery life



Editorial Review

When operating in areas of high pressure with no accessible oxygen beyond what you bring with you, there is an inherent logic to not wasting it. Under water, when it comes to oxygen, less is decidedly not more. Owing to atmospheric thickness, submarine movement is necessarily sluggish and slow, not like on the surface where humans blithely zoom about at break-neck speeds in all that minimally resistant air. As a result, much of a diver’s oxygen supply is consumed just getting to the place they wish to explore in the kicking required to get there.

The DPV reduces that as an obstacle by propelling the diver at a decent clip to impressive depths relatively effortlessly. In the crossover between recreational use and professional application, several designs rise to the surface. The standard approach is for the scooter to be gripped by the diver who is pulled upon the depressing of a trigger. These DPVs come configured for one- or two-handed grip and will pull a diver well below 100 feet deep with ease. Sea Doo makes a pretty broad line of scooters that are stylish and functional, like the Sea Doo VS Supercharged Plus.

Logic Dive Gear offers the next level to their Logic Dive Gear Genesis 600, the Genesis 1200. Sinking no money into design aesthetic, both are black torpedoes with single trigger-grip handles for one-handed operation. The Genesis 1200 weighs in at nearly 45 lbs., about 10 more than the 600, and runs 80 minutes to the 600’s 40. At maximum thrust, the 1200 is good up to 3.9 miles distance and down to 660 feet. It even offers an optional depth rating of 1000 feet for those of stout heart and exceptional lung capacity. With a speed range between 50 and 300 feet per minute, operational distance can be increased by lowering the scooter's velocity, up to 12 miles at a paddle.

Logic Dive Gear Genesis 1200 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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You require a bit of lead to balance it. The reason I like this is that I can attach cameras/lights etc. to the outside of the scooter and not have to add floats.

Tom's Guide

Trigger lock is almost too small if wearing dry gloves to operate. Once you figure out how to do it, it is not too bad.

Tom's Guide

. . . Its so simple and easy to control, the infinitely variable throttle is a real winner.

Tom's Guide