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LM580 Specifications

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the lm580 weighs 12.6 pounds


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Editorial Review

If there's one thing cat owners dislike about their adorable, predatory furballs, it's having to clean up after them. It’s bad enough they have to be fed. While cats themselves work hard to ensure that their bodies remain pristine and odor-free, they still haven't figured out how to scoop up and deodorize their own leavings. Nor is there any indication that if they could, they would. Which is where their human slaves/owners usually come in. Which is why automatic litter boxes come in right behind them.

The LitterMaid LM580 is the company's classic, automatic litter box. LitterMaid has been cleaning up after cats for over 10 years, and very thankful to them we are. The LM580 is the older sibling of the LitterMaid LM680C and LitterMaid LM980, but the only difference between them seems to be a matter of a carpeted ramp for paw cleaning, which the LM580 doesn't have. Also, the LM680 comes with more filters and waste receptacles than the other two models.

Unlike the CatGenie 120 Self-Washing, the LM580 is a not a programmable litter box. Rather, a motion sensor simply determines when the cat enters and leaves the box, and after 10 minutes, the detachable rake moves the clumps into the waste receptacle, then smooths the litter on its way back. High side walls keep litter within the box and off the floor. Carbon filters located above the waste holder absorb odors. The LM580 runs on current or 8 D batteries, so it's compatible with an AC adapter. LitterMaid states that for single-cat households, litter should last 5 to 7 days before emptying the receptacles, and 3 days for multiple cats. Depending on kitty continence, that may vary. It is recommended to use premium clumping litter, which should allow a 7-lb. bag to last up to 2 weeks. The LM580 comes with 4 waste receptacles, 4 carbon filters, and a scoop and rake cleaner.

LitterMaid LM580 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Motor seems more powerful and the plastic rake is much better at cleaning than the metal rake on the Elite.

Tom's Guide

This box is better than some of the other models because there is a 20 min pause after the cat is finished. This is much better than the ones that only have a 10 min pause.

Tom's Guide

Granules are much smaller than most. I also found that the one cat litter box worked well for two cats.

Tom's Guide

Really saves on the back since I don't have to scoop every day, a couple times a day. Only have to replace the receptical once a week.

Tom's Guide