LitterMaid LM-86579 Multi-Cat

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LM-86579 Multi-Cat Specifications

28" x 17.7" x 9.8"
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the lm-86579 multi-cat weighs 17 pounds


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Editorial Review

Because there are so many automatic pet feeders on the market, it makes sense that there would be a growing number of corresponding machines to pick up where the feeders leave off. While there's no doubt dog lovers would happily embrace robotic pooper scoopers, as would we all, for now only cat owners can rejoice in automated waste collection alternatives. The problem with cat waste is that it's found inside the home, so the owner has to remain vigilant about removing it or else the smell becomes a hazmat issue. The most basic, automatic self-cleaning litter boxes keep contact between cat owner and feline waste to a minimum by scooping clumps into a tray while reducing odors via carbon filters.

LitterMaid is one of the most iconic brands specializing in litter box solutions. Their LM-86579 Multi-Cat is very much like their LitterMaid LM980 and LitterMaid LM680C. This self-cleaning litter box contains a motion sensor that is triggered once Miss Fluffy or Mister Felix leaves the box. The rake then does its scooping task and disposes of the messes into a removable waste receptacle that is kept sealed. The rake itself can be removed for cleaning. Extra-high side walls keep litter within the box and off the floor.

The LM-86579 is ideal for large cats and households with multiple cats. As with the LM-980 and 680C, the 86579 has a carpeted ramp for the felines to clean their paws. This is in contrast to the LitterMaid LM580. It seems almost counterintuitive to not have this feature, as it reduces litter tracking throughout the home, yet it isn't a product standard. The 86579 runs on 8 AA batteries. This is a marginally rated box, with happier human users cautioning that instructions should be followed stringently, premium litter should be used, and the box should be maintained regularly. Sounds like an awful lot of work.

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This new design is much better with a significant improvement in the mechanism and in the electrical drive. It is actually a quite workable device right out of the package.

Tom's Guide

It's a serious time saver...only issue is I have a cat that urinates copiously and the litter tends to stick to the bottom, but other than that it's great.

Tom's Guide