Litter Robot II Classic

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II Classic Specifications

24" x 22" x 29"
the ii classic weighs 28 pounds


Editorial Review

While most animals aren’t overly picky about where they take care of their business, cats, like many humans, prefer a cleaner environment. And while debatable whether hygienically driven or merely the actions of a hunter covering its tracks, the feline elimination of its elimination makes it nicer for all parties involved. Owing to their fastidious natures, cats are that unique pet that receives their own in-house bathroom facilities. Though always preferable to chasing Felix around with a plastic bag after meals, because of their static nature, litter boxes can still become relatively unpleasant in short odor. While all manner of absorptive litter compounds abound, the standard kitty loo can regardless deliver a real hurt to one’s nose.

Enter the automated litter box. Beyond the aroma, the standard litter box is not particularly menacing. Some of the automated ones, though, seem that they would give a cat pause. Self-cleaners like the PetSafe Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box are visually similar to the regular box, with the addition of a rake which activates after the kitty has left the facility. The CatGenie 120 Self-Washing looks and even flushes like a human toilet which, as everyone knows, holds more appeal to dogs than cats. The Litter Robot Bubble seeks to convince the feline in distress that climbing into a rotating ball is where relief will be enjoyed.

The Litter Robot II Classic looks like it wants to take the cat for another spin. Much like the Bubble, the Classic is weight sensitive, activating 7 minutes after the cat has left the capsule. The globe rotates counter-clockwise to sift and separate the clumps after which it deposits them in a large-capacity drawer with a bag liner. After running its cycle, the Classic returns to its home position with a level bed of clean litter to await the next cleansing orbit.

Litter Robot II Classic | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Cats still won't use it -- may have to give up . . . One of the cats went in briefly the first day but didn't linger.

Tom's Guide

Very reliable and simple to take care of. The drawer is specious and if you use odor blocking bags there is no any smell whatsoever. I highly recommend it!

Tom's Guide