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II Bubble Specifications

24" x 22" x 29"
the ii bubble weighs 28 pounds


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Editorial Review

For those desiring a more space-age option for their cats' bathroom breaks, the AutoPets Litter Robot Bubble is a hefty investment. But it has a patented sifting system which automatically separates waste from clean litter and uses a carbon filter to reduce odor. It is designed for medium to large cats, though kitty must weigh at least 5 lbs. to trigger the motion sensor but no more than 15 lbs. lest woe befall. This sensor also knows when the cat is finished, which then starts the Bubble cleaning. The window on the globe increases the interior space while allowing in natural light. A light indicator lets the owner know when it's time to dispose of the waste which, according to the company, may be only once a week or so depending on the amount of litter used. And for the elderly felines, a blue LED night light is included.

It's a powerful solution to the cat owner's least favorite aspect of ownership: waste disposal, which typically involves manually scooping up clumpage and dumping it somewhere. Then refilling the litter box and maybe even adding some air freshener afterwards. Repeat daily, lest Felix find some other, less owner-friendly place to go. Companies like PetSafe similarly offer up their PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box to tackle the messes that felines leave behind. Or that leave felines' behinds.

The Litter Robot Bubble does indeed look bubble-ish with its round globe resembling an astronaut's helmet. It rotates in a way reminiscent of the zero-G simulators used by cosmonauts -- all that's missing is the theme song from 2001. The Litter Robot is made in the USA out of recyclable plastics and industrial-grade components for standard grade cats.

Numerous safety guards are in place on the Bubble including a Cat Re-Entry Mode for when the cat tries to enter during a cleaning cycle; an Anti-Pinch feature that allows the globe to stop and reverse; an Internal Guard that prevents cats from entering the globe through the waste ports and keeps litter from being kicked out; and an Automatic Shut-Off in case the globe gets jammed. The Bubble uses any clumping litter and 8 to 13 gallon trash bags.

Litter Robot II Bubble | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Best Automatic litter box cleaner. It works. now I have to figure out how to clean it!

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Tried all the top automated litter boxes out there and the litter robot is far and away the best available! You won't be sorry.

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We've used this for about a year now and love it. Can't imagine going back to scooping daily. Happily shared by the 5 cats in our household.

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This litter box system is amazing. My cats love it and I love it . . . with the stylish cabinet, no one will know it's a litter box.

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