Liectroux B2005Plus

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B2005Plus Specifications

the b2005plus weighs 7.7 pounds


remote control included
battery life


self charging
has scheduling
has hepa filter

Editorial Review

It's easy to poke fun at our robotic servants, especially robovacs. They're small, so they can't compete with uprights and shop vacs, though the latter is significantly less expensive than they are. They can't defend themselves, and when you confront them about their job performance, their anti-obstacle function sends them spinning haplessly away and into the jaws of the family pet. However, if we take our cue from the market, these bots are going to be around for a while. After all, they are still among the most affordable robots.

Many of these robovacs boast of multiple functions, but frequently they bite off more than they can suck up. It would appear that in taking on too many tasks, their dilettantism denies them the possibility of achieving excellence at any particular one. The Segarty Ilife V5s and the Lilin K6L vacuum, sweep, and wet or dry mop with varying degrees of efficacy. The Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner outdoes them both with a sterilizer. The K6L and Liectroux outshine the V5s with their futuristic accents. But what of the Lilin B2005Plus? It's a vacuum, and like the V5s, it has a water tank for wet mopping, and it dry mops like the K6L. As with the Liectroux, it has a UV sterilizer too.

The B2005Plus possesses an intelligent suction that automatically adjusts power according to the floor type. It has one-button operation for its touch screen, a washable dustbin, a HEPA filter, a virtual blocker, and a remote control. There are 4 cleaning modes -- Auto clean, Spot clean, Edge clean, and Schedule mode, which has the robot leave its home base at the pre-programmed time. Included with this unit is a battery for the remote -- none is provided for the virtual blocker -- an AC adapter, a self-charging base, 1 cleaning brush tool, 2 mopping pads, 2 spare side brushes, and a user manual. Of the bots on this page, the B2005Plus doesn't rate as well, probably due to its poor mopping function. Just another example of a robovac with too much on its plate.

Liectroux B2005Plus | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Everything was OK. Item received before promised time.

Tom's Guide

Does not replace the wet cleaning of the floor with your hands, although there is such a function, but perfectly replaces the cleaning of the floor with a broom.

Tom's Guide