Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

released date


the robot vacuum cleaner weighs 7.1 pounds


remote control included
battery life


self charging
has hepa filter

Editorial Review

The Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a barely pronounceable name, a futuristic appearance, and 4-in-1 cleaning utility. It's a sweeper, vacuum, mopper, and sterilizer. Suitable for marble, short carpet, ceramic tiles, and wood flooring, the Liectroux leaves the charging dock on the pre-scheduled cleaning time. This floorbot has a number of features, including anti-fall, anti-collision, and auto-recharge. Anti-winding means the robot won't get stuck in wires, carpet, or fringe. Intelligent Crossing ensures that it will pass through hanging objects easily, such as beaded curtains, maybe. It comes with a two-way space isolator that keeps it confined within a certain area, and it should be able to work under most furniture.

The Liectroux possesses a large LCD touch screen and a low working noise of less than 50 db. It's most suited to those floors or thresholds of less than 15 mm in height. In spot cleaning mode, the robot will vacuum 1.5 meters around. It has a 90-minute working time, and its NiMH battery takes 3 to 4 hours to charge. The dustbin's capacity is 350 milliliter.

Robotic floor cleaners are easy targets for mockery as most of them are mediocre at fairly easy, albeit tedious, jobs. What they lack in efficiency they make up for in earnestness, at least until they need to be rescued after having gotten themselves lost, stranded, or bumping into things for hours. In this regard, they can be much fun to watch. But if one of them is watching you, then rest assured the Jisiwei S+ has you in its sights, keeping track of every joke you've ever made about robovacs while it shows you how to clean floors. Whatever you do, don't crack wise about floorbots when the Dyson 360 Eye is around because it doesn't have a sense of humor, though it has enough serious suction power to gobble you right up along with your pet dust bunnies.

The entire Liectroux package includes an adapter, a remote control, 1 HEPA filter, 1 dust brush, 1 side brush, 1 mopping cloth, and a user manual. If you're inclined, you could pair it with the Lilin K6L for nighttime cleaning, sit back, and enjoy the light show.

Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Good product easy to use and very efficient!

Tom's Guide

Appealing to look at...it has been bumping around things a lot, but, so far, I have not seen even a little scratch on it, which is indicative of its solid construction.

Tom's Guide