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Roboking Square Specifications

the roboking square weighs 6.6 pounds


battery life


self charging
has scheduling
has hepa filter

Editorial Review

Robo-vacs set the standard for the quadcopter boom to follow – establish an appreciable norm and replicate it ad infinitum. The first robo-vacs were round, and the ones to follow would be as well, even after science had proven unequivocally that round bots don’t go into square holes. Little whisky brushes notwithstanding, round is not necessarily the best shape for vacuuming right angles. Companies like Neato overcome this aesthetic ennui by offering D-shaped robo-vacs, like their Neato Botvac 70e, which seem decidedly better for corners and edge work.

LG, maker of fine mobile phones, have apparently expanded their product line to include home appliances, air conditioning, and domestic robots such as the LG Roboking Square, a robo-vac that touts its shape as one that can clean where its numerous, circular competitors cannot. The Roboking is red, like the puckish Dirt Devil RoomMate, and comes with similar high-tech aspects – Smart Resume, Mapping Resume, programmable schedule clean, cliff detection, and door sill detection. It cleans hard floors, tile, and carpet using a high suction mode and a dual camera system, no doubt for sending selfies to Roomba owners. The Smart Diagnosis feature allows the Roboking to self-diagnose problems and provide troubleshooting tips.

As it possesses no real right angles, edge and corner cleaning is achieved via 2 side brushes. It operates at the same noise level as the Dirt Devil RoomMate -- 60 to 62 decibels, which should make for relatively quiet cleaning. The Roboking functions on a Li-po battery which takes 3 hours to charge and gives 100 minutes of run time. Included in the Roboking package is a docking-style charger, a remote control, an attachable dry mopping mat, and a cleaning brush. At least, they were included as the Roboking is a discontinued product. In the battle of Round vs. Square, one less square robo-vac means the Roundies still maintain the leading edge.

LG Roboking Square | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 3

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This is a great product. It is amazing to see how much it picks up. You do have to make some changes to robot proof your house but it does save you lots of time in the end.

Tom's Guide

Manual was all in Chinese ,talking was also foreign. Sending back.

Tom's Guide

Best thing I ever bought. Saves heaps of time. However, you have to be sensible on starting to use it.

Tom's Guide

Requires constant supervision. Absolute garbage and will be returning the unit to the store.

Tom's Guide