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EVBL2-P12 Mini Specifications

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the evbl2-p12 mini weighs 8.6 pounds


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Editorial Review

The Leviton EVBL2 PB12 Mini, known by the less cumbersome moniker EVR-Green Mini, is a wall-mounted, level 2 piece of electric vehicle supply equipment (or EVSE) built to facilitate rapid transfers of energy from your home grid to your electric vehicle. The level 2 EVSE cuts the charging time down to around a fourth of the time needed to charge to completion using a more low-tech level 1 EVSE, which simply plugs right into the outlet. If you rely on your electric vehicle for the daily commute and other regular usages, spending a bit to upgrade to the faster charge is, if not strictly essential, wonderfully convenient.

The EVR-Green Mini delivers almost five kilowatts of power, running at a 20 ampere flow through its 12 foot cable (an upgraded version comes with a cable six feet longer if need be). It comes guaranteed safe by a range of UL certifications, granted by the same 120 year old company who has established themselves as the industry standard for guarantors of safety across myriad other electrical domains. An "auto-reclosure" feature automatically restarts charging after minor interruptions from power faults, ensuring you're never left hanging unexpectedly when you need your EV. There's no app connectivity to manage power output, a feature commonly seen in more expensive EVs, but the Leviton EVR-Green Mini does its job well despite the lack of extraneous frills, and for a lower price than many of said frill-adorned chargers charge.

As the likely driver of an electric vehicle, odds are the environment is something you feel personally responsible for, at least in part. For that, I say kudos to you. You're doing good work and the right thing. As any environmentally conscious individual is doubtlessly aware, zero-emissions driving is only half of the battle for clean travel. If you get your energy from fossil fuels, you still have one step to make in this particular journey. But, on behalf of your fellow earth inhabitants, we thank you for getting started.

Leviton EVBL2-P12 Mini | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Connector fits perfectly in my LEAF and charges with no problems. Very nice replacement for my original EV charger.

Tom's Guide

It has no flexibility for outlet use... I returned this one and upgraded a Nissan cable instead. The cord on this unit is also very thick and somewhat bulky.

Tom's Guide