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MD5 Specifications

the md5 weighs 52 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


has usb
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Editorial Review

German engineering has long enjoyed the type of reputation that typically only comes off the heels of a concerted marketing campaign, dreamed up by a Don Draper-esque visionary and highlighted with a pithy catchphrase. Research conducted by a certain botdb writer has yet to confirm such a marketing campaign has ever existed, leading to the following question: what gives? Where does this reputation come from, and is it justified?

Unfortunately, these are questions better answered by an economist than by a reviewer of consumer robotics, and therefore we've failed to offer much penetrating insight into this quandary. Suggested causes include Germany's lateness to big industry resulting in a more logically constructed (and less haphazardly innovated) industrial structure, or a natural inclination towards practicality and diligence pervading the German culture. Some folks believe it to actually be a marketing ploy on the part of Daimler AG or Volkswagen.

Regardless of the true cause of the conception of German engineering's supremacy, German ebike producer Leisger find themselves benefactors of perception as they strive to enter the U.S. ebike market with their 2015/2016 MD5. This fifth generation mountain bike is actually packed with features that indicate a complete and detail-oriented approach to engineering (lending some small credence to the "Germans are just better" theory, perhaps?). The motor system is quiet, the frame distributes weight efficiently, and the battery mount (a poorly executed element of many ebikes) is both secure and aesthetically unobtrusive. The display panel is equipped with adjustable backlight and an accessible user interface, a key feature that adds a little flash to an ebike that otherwise primarily shines on efficient, cost-effective performance.

Leisger MD5 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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A beautiful bike with plenty of power. Great quality and pure power. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Tom's Guide

Everything looks good, looks stable and feels like that. Extremely smooth running. With battery, easy fun and relaxed driving. I'm very satisfied!

Tom's Guide