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CD5 Specifications

the cd5 weighs 3 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


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Editorial Review

As a result of urban sprawl, cities in the USA can encompass hundreds of square miles while European cities are smaller and more centralized. Because most of the streets in the EU were created before automobiles, they tend to be friendlier to compact cars and bicycles. To capitalize on this, several prominent e-bike manufacturers that hail from continental climes are working hard to make American peddler peddlers earn it. It’s always good to see the healthy spirit of competition between such traditionally friendly rivals.

The Rad Power Bikes Radrover is a Seattle-based, crowd-funded fatbike with a beefy design, suggested for sand or other squishy turf, that will cruise at up to 20 mph on throttle. At 48 lbs., the tough-looking Motiv Shadow isn’t too hard to handle, and its mid-size tires generate less rolling resistance than fat or knobby tires on pavement or cobblestone. The Spanish-manufactured Bultaco Brinco R is self-billed as the world’s first “moto-bike,” and is able to barrel along at 37 mph with a little push.

German-based Leisger presents the CD5 to the e-bike-hungry masses. Weighing in at 52 lbs., it is a feet-forward position cruiser with a high-step, 18-inch aluminum alloy frame. It is matte black and has durable full-length fenders with bosses for an optional rear mount carry rack. It speeds up to 28 mph with cadence-sensing pedal-assist and 22 mph on throttle only. Powered by a 350-watt, rear-mounted, geared hub 8Fun motor, it’ll pull 600 watts at peak output. Juiced by a Samsung battery that charges in 6 hours, it delivers a range of 20 to 55 miles per charge. The CD5 has 26-inch Schwalbe Big Ben tires, Kevlar-lined with a reflective sidewall stripe, and Schrader tube valves. The oversize comfort seat and padded grips are faux leather. The bike’s front forks are basic CST Suspension with mid-rise handlebars on an adjustable stem. It has an 8-speed Shimano Acera shifter with Shimano twist grips. For stopping surety, the CD5 applies Tektro Auriga E-Comp hydraulic disc brakes with a 180-mm front rotor and a 160-mm rear rotor, featuring Tektro levers with motor inhibitors.

Leisger CD5 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This bike is designed as a cruiser style, very comfortable with the peddles being forward and the handlebars high. Very nice eBike!

Tom's Guide

The CD5 is a really unique cruiser in my mind, it’s very comfortable and just feels different because of the feet-forward geometry...

Tom's Guide

I never built a bike as precise and as beautiful as this; also so comfortable. Only problem is getting off the bike. Best bike I ever rode!

Tom's Guide