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LB75DX Specifications

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the lb75dx weighs 26 pounds


phone controllable
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has usb

Editorial Review

The lawn is a curious social phenomenon. In the search for a buffer between domicile and street, the yard was born. In seeking a way to keep a big flat patch of dirt in front of the house from blowing inside with the wind, the lawn was spawned. At least where not outshone by its natural adversary, the weed-patch. One of the lawn's curiosities is that with the amount of water and care demanded to maintain its socially accepted verdancy, one could actually grow something of value -- food, for instance. Another idiosyncrasy is in the sheer number of lawns and the rare instances of their use. Instead of hosting croquet matches or badminton tourneys, their primary virtue is as a place for dogs to take care of their business.

With that as a probability, the increasing appeal of yardbots is understandable. They are quickly replacing humans as the ones to roll around on the lawn with the dog, especially considering what the dog has been rolling in. Beyond aesthetics, they differ in coverage, battery duration, and sheer mowing power. The Evatech RCLM BE is a radio-controlled rotary mower big enough to lay waste to hillsides of greenery. The LB 300EL is a snappy offering from Lawnbott that looks like a very sharp vintage car hood, and it covers some serious turf.

The Lawnbott LB75DX rolls in on 2 giant joke wheels with another car hood front and a lot of green all over. Powered by 2 lithium ion batteries, it’ll tackle lawns of up to 12,000 square feet automatically. It has an easy to read LCD for programming up to 3 zones, and several mowing sessions a week can be scheduled. In order to keep the LB75DX out of the posies or swimming pool, boundaries must be established, so stakes and wires are provided to rein it in. Once programmed and with limitations defined, the LB75DX will go about its business, work up to 90 minutes, then retire to its charging station for respite and rejuvenation, ready for its next scheduled duties. Like a good bot.

Lawnbott LB75DX | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Wow. I'm amazed with this bot -- it really does a great job cutting my yard. It's expensive but worth it. I love it.

Tom's Guide

It's a little tough to set up at first, but after you work out the kinks, allowing it to circle the perimeter without stopping, it's great.

Tom's Guide