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LB3210 Specifications

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the lb3210 weighs 28 pounds


remote control included
battery life


self charging
has usb
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Editorial Review

The Lawnbott line of robotic mowers is the result of international cooperation. Rinzo Saito founded the Kyodo Rubber Sales Office in 1939 in the Sumida district of Tokyo. By 1995, six new offices had opened, including one in Taiwan. The next leap for Saito and his creation was opening Kyodo America in the Atlanta suburbs in June 1995. The American subsidiary began manufacturing lawn and garden equipment. It still upheld its rubber manifesto. In 2005, Kyodo America formed an alliance with Italian tech company Zucchetti Centro Sistemi. The result is the Lawnbott line of robotic mowers.

Lawnbott models have stood out for their enormous battery life. The LB300EL can mow nonstop for 10 hours. The LB3210 is a long-distance champion in its own right. It can mow for 3 hours on a single charge. One of the criticisms of the LB300EL was that it was too powerful for small and medium size lawns. Its best deployment is often on a golf course or sprawling estate. The LB3210 accommodates the smaller square footage of private backyards and gardens.

A common feature in the Lawnbott line is the zoning system. The LB3210 uses it to help the unit cover the most ground per charge and avoid permanent obstacles like trees and boulders. The LB3210 is reportedly adept at mowing on slopes and hills. It’s a median weight at 28 pounds. By all indications, the LB3210 knows when it’s time to recharge and can make its way back to the charging station without the need for constant manual correction.

Those looking for heavier mowers might look to the monstrous Spider ILD 02 by Dvorak. Ultra-light options include the Gardena R70Li.

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I have a mildly sloping 3/4-acre yard with a variety of grasses and trees split into 2 zones, and the LB3210 handles it with aplomb.

Tom's Guide

The LawnBott LB3210 does it all! Plus, our yard looks absolutely beautiful all the time!

Tom's Guide

The unit is working great, as always. I took about 2 hours the other night to strip it down, really clean it well, and flip the blade over.

Tom's Guide