La Crosse Technology S87078

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S87078 Specifications

4.6" x 2.9" x 8.3"
battery life


has bluetooth
has usb
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Editorial Review

What's the difference between a weather station and an alarm clock? In the case of the La Crosse Technology S87078, not much. Looking a lot like an iPhone sitting in a charging dock, the S87078 displays the time and date, plays music via Bluetooth, can be placed on the nightstand next to the bed and be set to go off at a pre-arranged time, kind of like...an alarm clock.

It also tells you the weather.

It's hard to say which is the more important function of this unit, though -- weather station or alarm clock. For most people, its chief use will be to wake them up and show them the temperature, humidity and a colorful icon that provides the day's forecast at a glance, through the usual weather map symbol method: a picture of a sun means a clear day, a picture of clouds means a cloudy day, a picture of sun and clouds means both, etc. Then it will sit around waiting to do the same thing the next morning. It's an attractive unit, right down to the LED strip around the base that changes color either to indicate the weather or just to look pretty, depending on which function you choose. (You can set it to cycle continuously through the spectrum if you'd like.) In fact, it's attractive enough that you might even want to put it on your desk at work to use as a clock, setting the alarm to wake you up when it's time for an important meeting.

This unit actually looks and works a great deal like the La Crosse Technology 308-146, right down to the alarm function, except that the latter doesn't play music. Neither unit is for serious weather forecasting. For that, you might try the Netatmo NWS01-US or the AcuRite 01500 Pro 5-in-1 .

La Crosse Technology S87078 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Great little tool! The lights at the base do change colors according to incoming weather changes. It keeps accurate time. I love the face of this, and the seconds countdown.

Tom's Guide

Has everything I am looking for in a wireless, indoor, outdoor, Bluetooth compatible alarm clock. Good quality and has great features, it is pretty accurate as well.

Tom's Guide