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In the lofty pursuit of robotic efficiency, it is valuable to maintain an acute awareness of conditions which could affect bot operation. Depending upon their specific functions, bots tend to be a hearty sort. Abuse reduction can prolong their productive output and enhance the joys of ownership. Although some yardbots, like the E.Zicom 400 Evo, can operate in rainy conditions, no one wants their rolling landscaper swept away in a torrential downpour. Knowledge of impending hurricanes or waterspouts can certainly protect quadcopters and poolbots, while up-to-the-moment readings will determine whether you take out the Smart Scoot Travel Lightweight or the Sea Doo Explorer X.

Whereas cavepersons or even ancient humans from the 20th century might have looked outside to determine what the day would be like, the bots of today keep us up with current events. And while farmers or people with climatically attuned bunions can predict subtle changes in a day’s temperature, regular people have to rely on almanacs or guesswork. The latter is usually delivered by TV weather people or by experts on the radio or interweb. With so much external supposition in regard to the weather, it seems some in-home reckoning might just provide the right balance.

In the interest of full-spectrum weather analysis, La Crosse Technology offers up the C87030 weather station. It is comprised of a white plastic frame that surrounds a black screen which has colorful, animated icons, and a digital display for easy reading. It proffers indoor temperatures and wireless outdoor conditions in Fahrenheit and centigrade for those who prefer options. The C87030 also gauges humidity and engages in prediction by providing future forecasting as to snow, rain or shine. It has a self-setting atomic clock, showing the time and date, along with automatic daylight savings time updates. It also displays the heat index and dew point. The C87030 records minimum and maximum values and furnishes extreme weather alerts. Much better than stepping outdoors.

La Crosse Technology C87030 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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So far so good! Just got it but it was quick to set up and it looks awesome on the wall. The display is big enough to read it anywhere in the kitchen. Totally worth the price!

Tom's Guide

This is a fine product, but the clock portion is way too small. I would rather have less functions on the clock and have bigger numbers.

Tom's Guide