La Crosse Technology 328-2314

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328-2314 Specifications

7.6" x 0.9" x 5.2"
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757456  086910

Editorial Review

The La Crosse Technology 328-2314 is one of the company's most impressive units, designed not just for casual weather watching but for serious prediction. If you need to know whether there's a storm bearing down on your yard or farm, the 329-2314 has the tools to let you know. Unlike the less expensive units available from La Crosse, this unit gives you information about nearby lightning strikes, including their distance from the sensor; the wind direction and speed; and the amount of rain that's fallen in a given period. All of this information and much more is transmitted from a solar-powered outdoor sensor array to a colorful indoor display that contains all of this information and more.

La Crosse's main competitor in the weather station arena is AcuRite and this unit is roughly comparable to the AcuRite 01024M in terms of the information it offers and the colorful display it offers it on. This display is one of La Crosse's most interesting, with a remarkable amount of information packed efficiently into a 7.6" by 5.24" rectangle. The forecast icon is larger and more sophisticated than those on most indoor display units, with a sizeable icon for both the current weather and the predicted weather tendency. There's also a lightning indicator that tells you whether the lightning is currently approaching or receding and how far away it currently is. Below this is a large compass indicating the wind direction, with the wind speed and a record of the highest wind speed that day. The other side of the display shows the usual information: indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, with arrows indicating whether they're rising or falling; the barometric pressure, which is used in calculating the weather trend icon; the time and date.

This is an impressive unit and the price is fairly good for the capabilities, comparable to the price on the AcuRite unit above. If you want a cheaper but less capable La Crosse weather station, consider the 308-1412S or the C87214. And when shopping other brands, be sure to look at the BloomSky Sky1 and the Netatmo NWS01-US.

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Giving this product a try to see if it provides the complete picture of weather here. Have used LaCrosse products before and have been satisfied with them.

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